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East Sussex

"Kevin was 'brilliant'. He made me feel so comfortable and I hadn’t expected to. I felt very comfortable going into the mediation. He had spent a lot of time the week before working with me and talking about the issues... he brought gravitas and stopped the whole process from breaking down."

  • Mediation Services

    Mediation is one of a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes which is engaged in by parties to a dispute with the intent that such should be resolved without the need for either to be drawn into litigation or, if they have been already, be the subject of an adjudication at a trial.

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  • Virtual Online Mediation

    Thanks to the development of some sophisticated online technology created by ZOOM, since early 2020 it has been possible to replicate the face to face model by creating not only a virtual waiting room facility but also a series of virtual and totally secure private breakout rooms for the parties and the mediator ‘to occupy’.

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  • Other Services

    Kevin Smyth shall be pleased to provide advice upon what other dispute resolution processes can be provided and which may be suitable. Similarly recommendations can be made as to where appropriate and competent legal advice can be readily obtained.

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  • About Mediation Resolution

    Kevin Smyth is a full-time Civil/Commercial and Workplace Mediator having been trained and accredited as such by CEDR. He also acts as a Dispute Resolution Advisor.

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